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The parents who were told by a judge they couldn’t share their Wicca religion with their son received a different decision this week:

The court declared that a Marion County judge erred in approving a divorce decree last year that also directed the man and his ex-wife to shelter their son from "non-mainstream religious beliefs and rituals."

Thomas E. Jones Jr., a practicing Wiccan who waged the court battle, said he’s relieved that his life can return to normal.

"Because of this, I think a lot of education has gone on about religious freedoms," said Jones, who planned to tell his son the good news when he got home from school Wednesday, his first day of fourth grade.

That’s a good thing. Let’s hope the child’s education in a CATHOLIC SCHOOL (not mentioned in this article, but indeed, the case) plants some seeds in that lovely Wicca garden, as well…

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