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It’s clear now that this is what is going to be required, on a massive scale. It will be a story to follow and a cause to support any way we can – half a million people displaced for months. Some will leave the area permanently and move on, dependent on only their own resources, but so many will need much, much more. We’re up to it – I have no doubt.

Getting Started in Houston:

Bill Cork reports that the Society of St.Vincent de Paul is doing a drive for items

Among other things, they’re requesting items for children for the "Largest Sleepover in Texas." – sleeping bags, pajamas, books and such. More links at Bill’s.

Michelle Malkin is keeping up with imaginative ways that people are trying to help

And she, and others, ask = where is Amazon? They stepped up to provide a give button and mechanism for tsunami victims…waiting, waiting…

Update: Amazon’s in.

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