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Matthew Lickona has tagged me with this meme:

Name your three biggest non-reference books (excluding the Bible and text books).

Name your three biggest reference books.

Tag three others.

By "biggest," we’re not looking for number of words. We’re looking for weight. Heft. Something you’d drop on invaders while defending a castle.


Three BIGGEST non-reference books:

1) The Annotated Shakespeare

2) St. Francis of Assisi Omnibus of Sources – it’s small in trim size, but a couple thousand pages long and very heavy. Compact, would damage a small invader easily.

3) And the heaviest of them all: Saint Benedict, Father of Western Civilization, published by Alpine Fine Arts upon the 1500-year anniversary, in a nice box case – enormous.

Three biggest reference books: (this is hard because so many books seem to fall in as both reference and non-reference)

1)The Oxford Dicitonary of Southern Culture

2) Augustine Through the Ages: An Encyclopedia

and..let’s see. I think there’s a Columbia Encyclopedia around here somewhere.

Tag three others? TS O’Rama, Christopher Blosser, and Bill Cork!

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