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Very interesting and pertinent piece by Sam Torode, convert from evangelicalism to Orthodoxy, on his renewed appreciation of the former

I’m a grateful member of the Orthodox Church, and I’m happy to talk about the glories of this path as well as the struggles. I believe that the "trappings" of Orthodoxy—icons, liturgies, rote prayers, and other things evangelicals often are suspicious of—can bring us closer to Christ. But when these things become ends in themselves—idols instead of icons—we need to step back and remember what, or who, it’s all about.

Instead of "evangelizing" my evangelical friends, I now hope to learn from them. Discussing differences is worthwhile, but it’s more important to encourage each other as we grow in Christ.

It took me a while, but I think I’ve finally learned what really matters. Liturgical is not enough, sacramental is not enough, Catholic is not enough, and Orthodox is not enough. Only Jesus is enough.

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