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Asia News has various WYD stories, mostly from the perspective of those from, naturally, Asia.

It also runs a story about a gathering in Mosul:

Dear friends, yesterday evening we had a big celebration in Mosul: A spiritual pilgrimage  to Cologne- Germany. This was a meeting to be united spiritually with the  400 thousands young people who travelled from different countries to meet the  Holy Father. We were united with them spiritually, through the One Universal  Church that has no boundaries.

About 400 young people mainly from the Chaldean churches of St Paul, Holy Spirit,  and St Meskinta, participated in this event which took place in Holy Spirit  Church.

And, from the AP, an account of a Baghdad gathering:

More than 1,000 Roman Catholic youths gathered in Baghdad to celebrate World Youth Day and ask for the pontiff’s blessing "at this most difficult time for our country," the Vatican said Saturday.

Pope Benedict XVI, who is in Germany for the Catholic youth festival, received the Iraqi youths’ message "with joy and commotion," the Vatican said.


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