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Carl Olson and Barbara Nicolosi have both blogged on their interactions with Sharon Waxman, the NYTimes reporter who wrote this piece on the DVC movie and the Christian audience.

My exchange was very pleasant – Barbara had scared me a little, because she was interviewed first and told me about it,  but bomb-throwing didn’t come up in our interview. We were both interrupted by children’s needs at points during the conversation, which provided some mom-bonding. She even laughed at my snarky remarks – which, unfortunately didn’t make it into the piece. sigh. They never do.

Good, fair piece.

As I remarked to someone today…I am SO TIRED of talking about THIS STUPID BOOK. And it is stupid, people.

(But not too tired to do my bit next spring. I’m pretty filled up for April and May already, but if you want to ride the movie wave and help confused folks sort through things, June looks more open at this point…)

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