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Very nice book signing gig at the Basilica Shrine of the Immaculate Conception today. I will blog more about our entire weekend when we return home tomorrow, but for right now, let me just say how amazed and generally bowled-over I was today to meet so many wonderful blog-readers. It’s quite late, so at the risk of omitting someone, let me tell y’all whom I met:

First, fellow-bloggers Eve Tushnet and David Alexander came by. David really did have a black hat, and I was just so delighted to meet Eve, who was the second Catholic blogger (after Kathy Shaidle) I read regularly and whose sharp mind and great writing I admire so much!

Then…oh, this is awful. I’m going to forget someone. Thanks to: Jim, Patrick Rothwell, Cheeky Lawyer and family, Mario, Lori, an emissary from Glenn, Tom K for coming by and chatting! As I said, I’m really zonked right now and I now I’ve forgotten a few people.

It was great fun, and I really, really want to come back to DC to do a talk or something. So let’s work on this, people.

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