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…on my rocket-like rise to fame, which as of today includes a decisive victory in a Turner Classic Movies mall tour trivia contest.

Oh, yeah.

Had to buy some school shirts at Sears, so we stopped by the display of this touring promotion – a few costumes from Gone With the Wind, A Star is Born, Cool Hand Luke, etc., and ongoing trivia. I stepped forward for a "identify the movie" from sound clips. Insultingly simple "Fiddle-dee-dee!" and "Of all the gin joints…." are the two I can recall right now. I trounced my bewildered opponent, and won a book.

But the family juggernaut wasn’t over. As we came back around from Sears, it was still going on, and by that time, Katie had screwed her courage to the sticking point and went up to do an unscramble-the-movie-star name contest, made rather easy because they were given a list of possible names. Still, she sort of amazed the crowd with the ease with which she identified and pronounced "Lauren Bacall."  She won a hat, which she hasn’t taken off yet. "I earned this hat!" she snapped at Joseph, who, of course, wanted it, despite his winnings – a little stuffed King Kong.

And now she’s watching Bringing Up Baby, on an old VHS we had, one which is unfortunately colorized. The worst idea anyone’s ever had, but still can’t completely ruin one of the best movies ever made.

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