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Of course it doesn’t!

Oh, but of course it does…

Nevertheless, this op-ed tries to bring reason into the Roberts debate:

Given those figures, it seems that if Judge Roberts did find Roe to be law in need of revision, he would not be out of step with most Americans, but in fact representative of the mainstream, 75 percent majority opinion.

Nevertheless, Leahy and others are attempting to paint Roberts and any other Supreme Court candidate who may not have a pro-abortion or at least pro-Roe track record as being radical or somehow out of the mainstream.

While this doesn’t necessarily make a lot of sense, it fits well with a national debate in which the debaters can’t even agree on mutual terms or definitions, and logic is as subject to the same casually shifting morphology as the meaning of the words it’s built from.

From Ernesto Burden, who wrote the piece, and has a blog, too.

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