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From the NY CBS station:

In July, the two of them spent five hours together at the White Sands Motel in Amagansett, caught on video by a private eye hired by Laura’s husband. But a source tells CBS 2’s Tony Aiello that Clark insists nothing improper went on, saying they merely stopped to rest after a long lunch before the drive back to Manhattan.

The source says they wanted to catch some rays at the motel’s private beach, but were told they had to register to use it, so they did just that.

Clark disputes a report he registered using a phony name.

He says DeFilippo worked on her tan and napped outside, while he worked on some papers. Clark claims he spent only a few minutes inside the room with his secretary.

He also denies press reports that he took DeFilippo to the West Indies resort island of St. Barts. Clark says he vacations there every year, but never went there with DeFilippo. He says she went there on her own, after hearing him rave about it.

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