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Founder of Taize slain:

That article says it was a man who stabbed Brother Roger during a liturgy, but the wires cited at Whispers in the Loggia say it was a woman. Quite sad…

More here.

The statement on the Taize site:

In its sorrow, the Taizé Community thanks all those who are supporting it by their affection and their prayer. On the morning of 17 August, after Brother Roger’s death, the following prayer was read in the church:

“Christ of compassion, you enable us to be in communion with those who have gone before us, and who can remain so close to us. We confide into your hands our Brother Roger. He already contemplates the invisible. In his footsteps, you are preparing us to welcome a radiance of your brightness.”


There are questions below as to whether Brother Roger had converted to Catholicism, since it was said that he received Communion at Pope John Paul II’s funeral. We had a discussion of that here, and evidently this post is coming up on searches that people are doing on Brother Roger today, for there are several new comments.


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