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January 1, 1970 Archives

Some final thoughts that people have posted: The Roamin’ Roman was cold and wet and got sick, but still had some good moments. She also said, (apropos of someone’s remark here about the NYTIMES photo montage of WYDYouth) "everyone smokes […]

You know, I normally don’t read NewsMax anyway, but for some reason I get email alerts from them. Tonight’s caught my eye because it was about the Mel Gibson Passion thing at WYD in Sydney. Amazing that I had to […]

later… Update: It’s later, and here I am, back where I started. And this was an actual little trip without my usual entourage. Michael held the fort, and did so quite well, it seems. The baby is crashed on the […]

The press coverage of the fetal pain study left out something: Well, actually, the study itself left something out. In today’s Journal of the American Medical Association, five researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, review nearly 2,000 studies […]

A blogger’s lament: The blog originated in January as a catch basin for mental detritus, for the kind of stuff not good enough for print, but too good to waste on casual conversation or, worse, mere thinking. But this spring […]

Ted Olsen links to stories related to the growing hostility to abstinence among those who deal with teens and othe populations. Back in the day, "underage sex" was sometimes referred to as statutory rape. But this isn’t the only form […]

Blogger Defensor Veritas points out a little problem with a blog post by Protestant apologist James White in response to Karl Keating. I don’t often dig into these kinds of disputes because they’re always really complicated, but this one is […]

An interesting little Zenit article on a Japanese sculptor who found faith via the study of the work of Gaudi

Rich Leonardi notes the errors in a letter purporting to note errors about the Tridentine liturgy (Indiana link, btw) The Catholic Girls at U. of MD are working through Ratzinger’s In the Beginning…appropriate considering all the recent ID talk A […]

Scary things. From a reader: An alarming experience I thought you’d appreciate: I am taking the "Education for Ministry’ class offered by the Diocese of XXXXX.  Last week, as I was waiting patiently for the Old Testament teacher to arrive […]