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January 1, 1970 Archives

Go to this NYtimes article on WYD, not as much for the article as for the slide show, linked on the first page. Interesting portraits of youth who attended and their stated reasons..

Good news: Baby Michael learned to scream (happily) at the top of his lungs today. Very nice. Good job. Bad news: He learned how to do it during the finale of Six Feet Under. Good news: Everyone goes to school […]

John Allen reports and has his last Correspondent’s Notebook up Allen, some of you might remember, is a former high school teacher (who left high school teaching about the same time I did…and now he’s in Rome and I’m in….never […]

Some of my favorites. Click on photo for full caption: Tonsures, ancient and new: >

Well, here are the links to the Pope’s addresses of the past day or so: At the Vigil The homily The Angelus The homily was an profound meditation on transformation, beginning with the transformation of death into life, bread and […] I am unfortunately am, take a look at the Vatican’s live feed from Marienfeld. It’s all wide swooping angles – how did they do that? Is there a blimp or some sort of robotized camera on wires, like they […]