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Many of you already know about this story, but Dawn Eden’s got the goods on the (now removed from the website) Planned Parenthood fantasy about superheroes destroying pro-lifers. Now, I ask you, if the American Life League’s Web site featured […]

The word I got is, "7:39". Which I presume is Eastern time. So if you live in Central,  I guess that means..I don’t know. I know Today repeats itself, but I"m not sure what hours…. Update: Here’s what happened: A […]

Interesting article from Commonweal. Check out the sidebar, as well. It is an exciting time for the Presentation community. Since the government’s ban on religious orders was lifted twenty years ago, the Presentation sisters have been allowed to recruit actively. […]

As much as we wish it weren’t so, the NYTimes has its power and its ways…I’ve had several calls for interviews since the NYTimes DVC flick article appeared. There’s a crew coming up from Indy right now to film me […]

When you’re gone for almost a week, there’s a lot of work awaiting upon your return. Top o’ the list for us was, THE PACKET – Katie’s school info packet, pickup for which was last week. Thanks to email she […]

Such a simple way to help starving children, with amazing results In the crowd of riotously dressed mothers clasping wailing, naked infants at a Doctors Without Borders feeding center just west of here, Taorey Asama, at 27 months, stands out […]

A link to public radio discussion of the growing popularity of increasingly clear ultrasound imagery The reader who sent it remarks: It deals with the impact of fetal images on the popular culture.  Some have talked about fetal photography as […]

So, although my three oldest children have been to DC in recent years on their own visits to Grandfather and Hilary, this was our first, the enjoyment of which was greatly facilitated by extra hands to handle Joseph, who could […]