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Husband of the secretary to the rector of St. Pat’s accuses them of having an affair A Westchester County man claims in court papers that the rector of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Midtown has been having an affair with his […]

In the WSJ, Manuel Miranda points out , via a piece on the Roberts/NARAL ad flap, that what NARAL fears isn’t the abridgement of rights, but more probably, the reduction in profits that abortion restrictions might bring

David Gerlertner says Dobson was wrong, and so are those who are demanding an apology: Last week, James Dobson of Focus on the Family proved that he lacks sufficient control to be pitching in the major leagues of public discussion […]

Matthew Lickona has tagged me with this meme: Name your three biggest non-reference books (excluding the Bible and text books). Name your three biggest reference books. Tag three others. By "biggest," we’re not looking for number of words. We’re looking […]

I swear, my oldest son continues to surprise. He gets so bent out of shape about things, I’m thinking that he has a future on cable tv news. Today he bent my ear for several minutes about this show on […]

Renaissance man John Farrell has a new film out called The Bag of Knees, a documentary about nursing (as in hospitals and such, not the other kind oft discussed here.)

Fascinating. From the BBC Evidence found at the ancient Soutra Hospital site, in Scotland, suggests the medieval Augustine monks also knew how to amputate limbs, fashion surgical instruments, induce birth, stop scurvy and even create hangover cures. The excavations at […]

Really interesting post from Alicia the Midwife on Dr. John Hart, the Catholic whose work contributed to so many features of modern life…and not in a good way.

..over at The Corner over the past few days there’s been massive discussion between Ramesh Ponnuru and John Podhoretz over life issues. Because I’ve been traveleing Ive not had the energy to scroll through it all. Is there anything I […]

Two posts: Ross Douhat But granting all this, I don’t see any acceptable theory of justice in war that allows for what we did to those two Japanese cities. If you want to scrap jus in bello entirely, and argue […]