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Michael has a long, excellent post related to some points we’ve been discussing, highlighting what we hope our books can do to deepen the faith of the typical Catholic

Reflecting on today’s Gospel and the pearl of great price…

A great grace in my life was to have known a young woman who had experienced the joy of Christ and also had (not by free choice) been despoiled of all her possessions. In the irony of life, her name was Pearl…in her early twenties she had terminal cancer and I myself still in my early twenties used to bring her Holy Communion. The joy that she experienced when she received Christ is something that I have never forgotten, twenty-five years later. Her entire life was near an end, all her hopes and dreams had vanished yet she communicated to me a joy that made me realize at an early age (although for her at the same age it was already very late) the pomp and emptiness of what the "world" and the "devil" hold out to all of us. Not to say that I haven’t fallen time and again back into the traps set for us– but thanks no doubt to her prayers and the prayers of others I have not remained in the pit for any length of time. I am a sinner but I have seen the pearl that is the source of true joy and is worth more than anything else in the world. Thanks to Pearl for teaching me that lesson.

Go check out the post and buy a good Catholic book or two.

(A reminder why we’re doing this. First, all proceeds – from our Amazon account and from the royalties – from this 30-day drive, will go to Food for the Poor. At the end of last year, we contributed money to this project to build a home, in memory of my mother. We got the photo of the home, with the family living in it, about a month ago, and this is part of what inspired this drive.

The other part of is that we really want to get our books out there because we believe in them and their messages. Other Catholic writers with similar apostolates do a lot of speaking – we don’t, and we can’t, because of our family and work responsibilities. Others have platforms via EWTN or Catholic Answers. We don’t. Further, our marketing departments have been rather disappointing in their efforts to promote our books to Catholics and seekers. So…right now…this is the most powerful platform  we’ve got. The power of the blog!)

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