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During Angelus message, Pope welcomes IRA disarmament news.

…considered by a Lutheran and an Orthodox theologian, David Hart, who wrote something controversial a while back in the WSJ – what was it? Ah yes, on theodicy and the tsunami. Well, here’s one of many good passages: John Paul’s […]

The name might ring a bell. He’s a British man with a progressive neurological disorder who has been battling with his country’s national health system out of the fear that once he loses the capacity to communicate, he will be […]

Niall Ferguson on the decline of Christianity in Britain. He has no answers, being, as he says, a "materialist" himself, but it concerns him nonetheless. He begins by alluding to a conversation between one of the London bombers and a […]

An Observer columnst takes Blair to task for declaring war on Al-Qaeda and making peace with the IRA (Remember, not everything I post I agree with. Some things I just think are interesting and provocative.)

84-year old retired priest arrested for soliciting a prostitute… …it’s the fourth time since 1998. Update: I suppose, 29 comments into this, I should clarify what I mean by "pathetic." I mean it’s pathetic that this elderly man is so […]

Film about the exhumation of the body of a revered Catholic Scotswoman to be featured at Edinburgh Fringe Festival Sinclair was born into poverty in 1900, worked for McVities biscuit factory and was an active trade unionist before she joined […]

You can feel okay about your parenting (once today at least) when your daughter begs you to let her stay up late so she can watch… Duck Soup

An old (1992), very good profile of writer Brian Moore from the LATimes (reprinted in the LAWeekly, so there’s no registration required. Go read and enjoy).

Florida man nominated to be ambassador to the Vatican