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…more news stories on tomorrow’s action, many with headlines like this: "Women plan to become Catholic priests."

Again….no. That’s not what they’ll be.

The messed-up ecclesiology isn’t confined to headline writers, who may be partially excused, but to the participants as well:

A few weeks ago, Harry J. Flynn, archbishop of the St. Paul-Minneapolis Diocese, sent her a letter in which he said the church will not recognize her ordination.

"He did not tell me not to do it," Nicolosi said. "He did not use the word ‘excommunication.’ He said, ‘Don’t isolate yourself. Don’t leave the family.’ "

Her response?

"I wrote back that I am doing this precisely because I want to remain in the family," Nicolosi said. "I could have been an Episcopal priest and then I would have left the family."

So what does it take to leave the family, precisely, if this isn’t it?

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