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Do you know what a thrill it is when babies start responding and imitating you? When you say "ba" and they say "ba" even though they can also say, "da," "aaargh" and "pffft?"

No, it’s not anything erudite or poetic, but it’s still beautiful because it’s borne of relationship and builds it. You’re not mad at him for not being able to utter words or string sentences – he’s doing his best, he’s doing it in response to you, and what can you do but hug him?

I wonder if that is an echo of is the way God sees us.

When we’re looking out the window, babbling or just enjoying the sound of our own voices, that’s charming, it’s true. But when we actually lock hearts with Him and respond to His voice the best that we candon’t you think that gives Him joy?

Prayer isn’t made to be stressed over. Just listen, and respond in kind.

What will your first word be?

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