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Valerie Schmalz, interviewing Bob Casey.

Michael thinks you should play the piano for the kids at WYD. Awesome! (Seriously)

I’ve done a lot of public speaking (not counting the 1,345,043 hours in the classroom), done television, both live and taped. But today, I met the TelePrompter. Interesting. Headed over to this place to do that thing today. Very nice […]

Go check out the Happy Catholic’s review of a novel she’s reading – sounds like a keeper I’m only halfway through so this is just a partial commentary about Valley of the Bones by Michael Gruber. I had to share […]

The Redemptorists A Roman Catholic religious order that had until now refused to increase child support payments for a boy fathered by one of its priests pledged Wednesday to provide additional financial support and counseling for the 12-year-old. Father Thomas […]

Some, not as much as I’d like. But I’m sending things off this morning anyway. We’ll see. In a bit, we are leaving for South Bend. I’m filming a segment  (on Marian doctrines) for a catechetical DVD being produced by […]

From the Vatican press office: VATICAN CITY, JUL 29, 2005 (VIS) – Following comments made by Nimrod Barkan, an Israeli foreign ministry official, which appeared in the Jerusalem Post newspaper on July 26, the Holy See Press Office issued the […]

The Tablet approves: John Paul II was perhaps the last Pope to embody the best of the Counter-Reformation tradition; Benedict XVI offers a link with far older roots of European civilisation such as those of the Fathers of the Church, […]

A Tablet article contrasting the philanthropic habits of the wealthy in the US and in the UK What saves American charities is the high-rollers. In the United States, the rich give away a large proportion of their earnings. Here, despite […]

Douglas Kmiec in the WSJ today: Judge Roberts listens carefully to the questions he is asked, and the extreme premise of Sen. Durbin’s question–as reported–was a judicial action requiring an immoral act. One would hope that all Americans, Catholic or […]