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Blogging break til Friday afternoon. Thanks to a reader who shall remain anonymous until this thing works out, if it does, and if he wishes to be publicly celebrated , lauded and canonized at that point, I have established excellent, […]

Number of abortions increased by 4000 in the UK last year Recent US figures, and questions about contraception Protestants rethinking contraception? But the Romney decision and explanation open the door to talking about contraception. After all, the morning after pill […]

A Books and Culture piece looks at the stats: During the past four years a growing number of political analysts have connected the emerging "Bush Doctrine" in foreign policy to the influence of evangelical Protestants. For example, one recent review […]

Kenya police focusing on priest as primary suspect in bishop’s murder

Here’s Powerline on the Durbin-Turley thing Doesn’t Dick Durbin get into trouble every two weeks or so?

"undo" How many times has that saved my life? I can’t even count…

An editorial on the Pope and terrorism In its original comments, the Israeli Foreign Ministry declared, unarguably, "We expected the pope would criticize terror against Jews when deploring terror that affected others." The ministry also asserted, dramatically, that "the Pope’s […]

…out of many in our world of blogs. Rocco’s got some good posts going over the past couple of days – kindly offering us a translation of a nice article about Ingrid Stampa, for example Al Kimel has a really […]

Today is the memorial for Blessed Andrew the Catechist, considered the first of the Vietnamese martyrs: In Vietnam, Christianity’s vibrancy is rooted in the labors and fidelity of generations of catechists who continued to serve Christ and the Gospel for […]

One of the most thoughtful bloggers, The Anchoress (I envy thoughtful people these days, I confess), once again gives props to In This House of Brede, in between some other, very…thoughtful and meditative posts. I guess that’s why she’s the […]