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Welcome to the Blogosphere! I am really enjoying my vacation. So far, the better part of it has been spent trying to figure out this darn HTML code stuff. They made it so you can use both <"i"> and <"em"> tags, yet […]

Clayton Emmer has a lovely post up about his groovy baptism all those years ago

From William Doino, who edited The Pius War: Rabbi and historian David Dalin is scheduled to be on MSNBC television this afternoon (Tuesday), between 3-4 PM; and also on Raymond Arroyo’s "World Over Live" Program, on EWTN, this Friday, at […]

Put this one in the "Protestants and Catholics in Latin America" file…except..the Protestants are sort of wondering why some of "theirs" have converted to Islam.

("orthodox" in the broadest sense) Interesting article on what sounds like a good book It’s not easy to place thinkers as diverse as Walker Percy, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Martin Luther King Jr., G.K. Chesterton, and Northrop Frye into the same category. […]

Priest resigns in Springfield (the diocese where the chancellor was severely beaten), bishop responds promptly, no one knows what’s up Psychological problems and some personal issues," have led the Rev. Don Blickhan to resign from his recent appointment as pastor […]

Over at Catholic World News

Of course, we get lots of great comments on a daily basis. These two from the past 24 hours amused me, so they get special mention: From this thread: Before I reverted, I went to a couple of Quaker meetings […]

From the Washington Times When she collapsed May 7, doctors were not sure she would last a week, much less until mid-July, the earliest a child could survive outside the womb. But as of today , Mrs. Torres, 26, has […]

Well, our heady days of heading up the Amazon list have faded into the past. Now, for some reason, I’m battling with Charles Swindoll for a place on the "Catholicism" best-seller list. Hmmm. Anyway, today’s theme is: Do you know […]