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Okay, I was looking for reports from Spanish papers on the celebrations of Santiago de Compostela, when I came across this photo of Cherie Blair: Here’s the text (I can’t link directly to it. It’s all javascript (void) and such.) […]

…you read this sentence: His coronation had been fixed for Monday, 25 July, St. James’s Day…and you realize that it’s Monday, July 25, 402 years later. …the moment you cross the Chatahoochee River, the Alan Jackson song Chatahoochee starts playing […]

Rocco’s got the goods on the Compendium of the Catechism (coming this fall to the US) I’ve recently discovered that our friend Sandro Magister, has a blog on the website for L’Espresso – if you go down to the second […]

This is a highly amusing parody of a Certain Book. I don’t know if you want to actually spend money on it (unless you have someone in your life who is really taken with DVC and can take a joke. […]

Letter-writers to the NYReview of Books attempt to tell Joan Didion she was wrong about Terri Schiavo. No luck. I am puzzled by Dr. Fins’s repeated assertion that I referred to him "out of context." I am also puzzled by […]

Israel faults Benedict for failing to mention Israel in a list of countries recently beset by terrorist attacks.

Michael and I are in the midst of a 30-day push to sell our books, particularly Here.Now and How to Get the Most out of the Eucharist. We want to try to compensate for the fact that their release in […]

As a mother, I’m not a cheery SAHM!!! HEARTS!!!DH!!!!. Obviously. I’ve worked outside the home with most of my children, and I’m just very grateful that my current career path lets me work from home, not just because I don’t […]

Or more? Two notes on how the press talks about abortion, its advocates and opponents. First, at Get Religion, Terry Mattingly if the MSM can bring itself to call anyone "pro-life?" Now think back to what my editor said in […]

Polish bishop’s visit to St. Louis fails to heal rift A visit from the leader of the world’s Catholic Poles appears to have done little to patch the rift between two Polish parishes or end a deadlock between the St. […]