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Commentor Jason sends along this piece on the supposed decline of skin in fashion (Tell it to the young woman sitting in front of us at the baseball game the other night. Well, it does take a while for the […]

Pope, at Angelus, prays for peace and conversion of heart Pope Benedict has offered prayers asking God to stop the "murderous hand" of terrorists and convert their hearts and minds to peace.Benedict referred to the recent "abhorrent terrorist attacks" in […]

Michael has a long, excellent post related to some points we’ve been discussing, highlighting what we hope our books can do to deepen the faith of the typical Catholic Reflecting on today’s Gospel and the pearl of great price… A […]

…more news stories on tomorrow’s action, many with headlines like this: "Women plan to become Catholic priests." Again….no. That’s not what they’ll be. The messed-up ecclesiology isn’t confined to headline writers, who may be partially excused, but to the participants […]

Annie Banno, with a lengthy, documented post on an abortion-breast cancer study sponsored by the National Cancer Institute – and hidden by them, as well.

What is more intriguing…the monks on the march or the Burger King advertisement? What they’re protesting (and it’s not Burger King. Close, though)

Priests, children and child support Single and unemployed, Stephanie Collopy asked a Portland judge this month to order her son’s father to increase her child support and to add their chronically ill boy to his health insurance plan. Sitting on […]