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Dallas diocese is broke, needs more money from parishes   The Catholic Diocese of Dallas is asking its parishes to take a little extra out of their collection plates to help pay diocesan legal costs. In a letter sent to […]

A new design for the Ave Maria U chapel has been unveiled. I still don’t like it. It looks like a bug of some sort. Why not a nice, cool, Spanish mission style thing? What’s wrong with that? Anyway, not […]

Thanks to Bruce and Demi…who named one of their children "Rumer," and are featured in a "wacky celebrity children’s names" special. We hear tell that the show flashes the cover of Brede to make the point.

Christopher Blosser has a great survey of the best of Catholic blogging this week.

Bill Cork tells us about a Goddess Rosary.

Of our 30-day appeal! Put Catholic books on your neighbor’s nightstand, your sister’s coffeetable, your son’s desk. These two books that we’re hoping you’ll buy are written for Every Catholic – they’re solid, but still easy to read and applicable […]

Attorney claims Bishop Pilla perjured himself.

Fr. Jim Tucker with a very good response to a recent US Catholic article on devotions The article raises the usual flags: but will they distract from the Mass? Fr. Jim’s answer is on-point. People who are devoted to one […]

I’ll try. But this Internet Monk post on Joel Osteen’s inaugural sermon was too good to pass up. This was one of the big religion stories last week, so we’re justified in coming back to it as new comments pop […]

David Brooks on the upcoming confirmation. A fascinating observation: I love thee also, Roberts nomination, because now we probably won’t have to endure another bitter and vulgarized chapter of the culture war. Confirmation battles have come to seem of late […]