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Bethany changes policy. Will place children with RC couples. So. Are we Christians now?

Well, one at least: I recently purchased both books. How to Get the Most Out of the Eucharist was obtained to review it for addition to our parish library. I haven’t been able to give up my copy, either to […]

In late April, Commonweal ran a piece by William Wood on a talk by Cardinal George In the latest issue, George and some others respond to Wood’s account That my few remarks didn’t imply in any way “a nostalgia for […]

The schedule for the Pope’s visit: besides the WYD activities, he’ll meet with political leaders, pray at a synagogue and meet with Muslim leaders. Vatican WYD site Official WYD site

It could be worse. You could have just been nominated for the Supreme Court, and the President and the rest of country could be watching.

I’m going to close the other SCOTUS threads and move the discussion up here. Comment on this story or any other aspect of the story, and feel free to provide links to other good discussions: CNS on the nominee’s religious […]

Ukrainian Catholics hope Catechism will help them recover identity The writers of the first comprehensive catechism for Ukrainian-rite Catholics hope it helps diminish the effects of the "Latinization" of the Byzantine church, said the bishop in charge of the project. […]

No, not a new EWTN reality show. A Pontifications post…Calvin #1? (No, not according to them, but to the original linked site…)

Down in the comments box and in my email box, there’s a tiny bit of grumbling about the Catholics dumping on Joel Osteen. Well, what we’ve said here is nothing compared to what some of his fellow Protestants have said. […]

Some excerpts from the last few days of my dad’s Rome Journal (they came back on 5/24): Our destination was Frascati, a hill town about 30 miles outside Rome. This is a ritzy area where the wealthy have gone to […]