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On Roberts from NRLC The Supreme Court Nomination blog As pointed out in a comment, much,much good blogging at Southern Appeal, including links to a couple of very reasonable responses from bloggers on the left.

Edith says she’s out. Okay. Who? Mary Ann Glendon? Hah. We wish.

Difficulties in the wake of Dennis, from the "Rosary Army" website (motto: "Make Them. Pray Them. Give Them Away.) We knew that the hurricane had caused a great deal of damage, and currently, Catholic Relief Services and Caritas are both […]

From a reader: On the recent Osteen posts, and indeed whenever the topic of evangelical  megachurches comes up, there seems to be a tendency to compare their apparent (numerical) success with Catholicism’s apparent failure.  As I am currently reading Ratzinger’s […]

Here are a couple of passages from emails I’ve received just today. You see good news and interesting journeys everywhere, if you just look. I converted to Catholicism last December, nearly 5 years after my initial RCIA process.  I have […]

The news is spreading, thanks to misleading news reports, on the ordination of 9 women scheduled for next Monday in the middle of the St. Lawrence River. Let us not turn this thread into a debate on women’s ordination (unless […]

A good, meaty James Bowman piece from the New Atlantis that begins with a new production of Whose LIfe is it Anyway? in London, starring Kim Cattrall (of Sex in the City)  and moves in all sorts of interesting directions. […]

In the "Internet Monk" thread below, Todd of Catholic Sensibility commented that all of this talk of what people want in liturgy is nice, but who’s going to to do the work? Where are the resources going to come from? […]

Want Harry Potter? Here’s your post. I read the first five novels in the series, not because I have a huge interest in them, but because I wanted to see for myself if they deserved the controversy and the praise, […]

This one’s for me. Does anyone know of any good historical fiction (besides Come Rack! Come Rope!) about Catholic Recusants, etc? Anything contemporary?