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I actually was going to write something else in that previous post that fits the title. Let’s try again. We Catholics agonize a great deal about liturgy and attendant issues, and in the midst of the woe, we tend to […]

Okay. I had a set of Living Faith devotions due today. Check. Have an 1100-word article due for OSV tomorrow. Baby took a super-nap, I mainlined some Diet Coke (rough night last night) and got to work. Wrote 1300 words, […]

From the SF paper, a spiritual journey: Often you hear stories about people starting out as a Catholic and leaving Catholicism behind after getting into Eastern religions. But you went back to it. What do you make of that? Three […]

George Neumayr on the ‘abortion debate that wasn’t." Not wishing to publicize a practice most doctors prefer to keep secret, the medical community releases only sketchy information on the frequency of eugenic abortion against the disabled. But to the extent […]

Excellent article from Crisis. As presently defined, there are 24 Catholic Churches that can be grouped into eight different rites. A rite is a liturgical, theological, spiritual, and disciplinary patrimony of a distinct people manifested in a Church. While each […]

The British government put an ad in the Times for a new ambassador to the Holy See. There’s no direct link, but here’s the text: The Holy See has the status of a sovereign state. It plays an important role […]

Whose boss will argue with that? Dear Brothers and Sisters! I have been here for a few days, in the marvelous mountains of Val d’Aosta, where the memory is still alive of my beloved predecessor John Paul II, who for […]

The NYTimes on Opening Weekend In interviews at the church last week, congregants praised Mr. Osteen for his practical messages and praised the new building as a monument to God. "He’s added a different dimension to our spiritual life," said […]

Taking health care services to rural PA Mobile health units, like the Rendu Services van, are one way of bringing basic health care to some of those underserved regions. The service, a mission of the Daughters of Charity, is named […]

That’s how much it’s estimated "Vatican-related" agencies have made available for relief of the tsunami victims. How Caritas is helping victims of current flooding in Pakistan and India