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Long-time readers know of our zoo adventures around the country, beginning right here in The Fort. Our zoo is relatively small, but quite good and child-friendly (i.e. exhausting but not overwhelming) Snagging ourselves a very reasonably priced family membership we […]

From Rich Leonardi…a good church in Chicago, with a decent schola being a plus. Of course. I recommended this place, but if there’s someplace closer to where he is this weekend, he’d appreciate the recommendation.

A story on the Spanish-language services at Osteen’s Houston church His (Not Osteen – the Spanish-language pastor’s) sermons, he said, are geared for a Hispanic audience, with references to soccer or Telemundo television stars. Witt has even shown clips from […]

An obituary for Dame Cicely Saunders, a founder of the hospice movement. Wesley Smith remarks: Ralph Nader once said that it is a sign of our times that Jack Kevorkian is the most famous doctor in the world. It should […]

Weekends around here are usually pretty quiet. Let’s liven things up a bit. Let’s blog Karl Keating’s e-letter on the upcoming debate between Robert Sungenis and Gerry Matatics on the validity of the Novus Ordo. Shall we? Does the Novus […]

The thread below, commenting on Frederica Matthewes-Green’s WSJ piece, was exceptionally informative and polite. Thanks! For more of the same on the same topic go to Al Kimel’s blog, and be sure to stop and check out his post on […]