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Catholic college planned in Wyoming Southern Catholic College (in Georgia) fills a couple of top slots, is due to open this fall. (I thought it was supposed to open two years ago????)

A relatively new (but too infrequently updated!) blog from a Church musician here, with some interesting thoughts And Mary Jane Ballou, another musical blogger (or blogging musician) is looking to hear from others

This reader’s on to something….I’m very impressed: One thing that caught my eye is that a lot of your readers appear, like me, to be fans of Walker Percy.  I’ve been wondering if M. Night Shyamalan is a fan of […]

Chavez against the bishops President Hugo Chavez denounced leaders of the Roman Catholic Church in Venezuela on Wednesday, calling them an elitist group that has wrongly accused him of dividing society along political and class lines. Top Catholic Church leaders […]

Looks good!

From a reader, in re the new lobbyist for the Mass. Catholic Conference: In case you have not heard, there’s a controversy brewing in Massachusetts that you might want to be aware of.  The lobbying/public policy arm of the Catholic […]

Short, sweet and to the point. I need a literary agent, one who represents fiction. I will, of course, do some whatever slogging through agent lists that I need to do in order to get this thing accomplished, but if […]

One of them at least…if you get a chance, listen to the Fresh Air interview with Billie Joe Shaver that’s aired today (no, Terry Gross isn’t the hero)…audio available in just a bit. And if you can listen to him […]

You know how as subsequent children come along you swear you’ll do things differently? Yeah. Wellk, I’m trying that with the sleeping, with varying results. TWo pretty good nights followed by one pretty dreadful one. The other issue is the […]

Raised again, in one convenient place, by the SF Weekly James Jenkins tells SF Weekly he began to lose confidence in Levada in the summer of 2003 — and the reason involved Ingels. As chairman of the so-called Independent Review […]