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No…not that one. The other – one of the last days of my dad’s travel journal to Rome: Thursday, May 19 Today, we had reservations for Museo Borghese, second in Rome only to the Vatican Museum for its collection of […]

Some articles on the working document (which is not yet in English) and the process: First, when we talk of this "Synod," what are we talking about? An explanation from the Vatican website The Synod of Bishops is a permanent […]

From the WSJ: They don’t want a shul But some residents of Southampton apparently don’t see the charm. Thus the lawsuit. The dispute has gotten ugly with some locals suggesting that the synagogue is unsanitary and a "nuisance." Though local […]

Peter Chattaway and Jeffrey Overstreet have some information on the forthcoming film, based on a true story.

Don’t ask me why, but Cardinal Shonborn in the NYtimes on Intelligent Design, etc. EVER since 1996, when Pope John Paul II said that evolution (a term he did not define) was "more than just a hypothesis," defenders of neo-Darwinian […]

From Benedict’s General Audience yesterday, a meditation on a passage from Ephesians The first divine gesture, revealed and acted in Christ, is the election of believers, fruit of a free and gratuitous initiative of God. In the beginning, therefore, "before […]

The working document of the upcoming Eucharistic Synod was presented today A synopsis Space is also dedicated to deficiencies in the celebration the Eucharist which "challenge a sense of the sacred." These include neglectfulness in the use of correct liturgical […]

Bishop Skylstad writes to Bush on the Supreme vacancy ..or does it make the bishops sound as if they think the Supreme Court is a legislative body? (Which, of course, some people do believe, but that’s beside the point).

Pope accepts invitation to visit Israel

On the Mass thread below, a reader who’s recently reverted to the Faith felt like she was drowning in her lack of knowledge. Some suggestions were made, and I, of course, had to recommend The How To Book of the […]