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Here you go. Your pope has some things to teach the teachers: There is an unexpected novelty in the new "Compendium" of the catechism of the Catholic Church presented by Benedict XVI on June 28. It features prominently, in full […]

Adoremus is sponsoring a survey on the implemenation of Redemptionis Sacramentum. It seems to be something you need to print out and actually, physically mail.

Pope to visit Cologne synagogue in August

Stephen Drake of Not Dead Yet points us to a Hastings Center Report (pdf) and Stephen’s own commentary on it I think you might be interested in a short article that’s appearing in the current issue of "the Hastings Center […]

Remember, we blogged a few weeks ago about the dire straits an abuse settlement has brought one Canadian diocese into. Here’s the next step in the story: churches to be put up for sale soon Another article More than 130 […]

Many of us have Interstates to Live Our Lives By. Mine is 75, and to a much lesser degree, 40, and when you get to where the twain shall meet (aka "Malfunction Junction" in K-Town), you’ve got all the good […]

In case you’ve not yet seen it, Christopher Blosser has a long, thoughtful post on debt relief and poverty-fighting efforts, in light of this past weekend’s concerts and other events.

Kelly Clark, the Pew Lady, has a blog now Cosmos, Liturgy, Sex If you are like me the first time I saw these terms linked together, you might be curious, perhaps even be taken aback. However, let me suggest that […]

…can make sense of China-Vatican relations right now, please enlighten the rest of us. Underground bishop arrested Monsignor Julius Jia Zhiguo, age 70, underground Bishop of Zhengding (Hebei, northern China), was arrested outside his home yesterday at 3:30 p.m. (local […]

Anyone still there? Well, blogging to you from a lovely hotel off I-75 in south Gainesville, FL. In a very, very, quiet room… Michael went off to look for the Marlins’ game on television somewhere, Joseph was picked up by […]