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Bill Cork reports that the Diocese of Phoenix is going to restore the original order of the Sacraments of Initiation and celebrate Confirmation before First Communion. The pastoral letter from the bishop is very good and thorough, even though it […]

On the way down, I read Those Terrible Middle Ages: Debunking the Myths, written by a French historian, and originally published in 1977. If you go to the Amazon link and read the reviews, especially the one written by Carl […]

Church hopes to normalize ties with Vietnam Hanoi delegation visits Holy See Priest of the underground Church in China released

Gets a papal blessing More

Well, just a little. But it was just the first title that popped into my head. Got here around 3:30, with only mishap, and that would be the mishap marked by the strange look on the baby’s face, followed by […]

Making the case for canonization Sometime in the next few days, Andrea Ambrosi, a Vatican lawyer specializing in the arcane ways of canonization, will leave New Orleans for Rome with a precious cargo: 2,918 pages of memories, testimonies and historical […]

What order are these sisters from? Not a quiz…I really have no idea.

An occasional post…could be several times daily if I had the time! Virginia parish opens free clinic Under Magat’s leadership and the Catholic Diocese of Arlington’s approval, parishioners converted a 80-year-old, two story house on Irving Avenue into a clinic. […]

Some of you might know – and others might not – that the Pope has special prayer intentions every month. These intentions are propogated primarily through the Apostleship of Prayer, a group associated with the Morning, or Daily Offering. The […]