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Within hours, we’ll be setting off on a week’s worth of journeying – to Tennessee, then Florida, then back. Lots of driving and, more importantly, lots of riding for little people not enamored with riding for more than 2 hours […]

According to the American Life League, student protesters were threatened with arrest at the LA Cathedral: Today’s scene occurred when more than a dozen young people attempted to attend the inauguration ceremonies of Antonio Villaraigosa, mayor-elect of Los Angeles, who […]

Rich Leonardi wants to start a schola! Oh, and check out the post for a link to secrets about Rich’s secret rockin’ past!

O’Connor retires And the replacement will be? And the nomination will divide whom? And the confirmation process will be….?

At Catholic Exchange, Paragraph Farmer Patrick O’Hannigan writes   about a recent book on Paul

Many intersections of Church hierarchy and the law this week. Of course if you read the Abuse Tracker, none of this is news. But if you don’t, here are the highlights: Judge orders files released: Judge Keith Brown ruled that […]

From the UK Tablet: The old Italian priests bark at each other as we try to navigate our way across a dark field on the edge of Gulu, a Ugandan town 300 kilometres north of the capital, Kampala. “No, I […]

Ian Holm as Pope the CBS miniseries (obviously, this would be the older, post-election pope)

We’ve got a book-signing at the Shrine in the works sometime during the weekend of August 6-7. Details and final plans forthcoming soon, I hope…

There was some discussion here about the Sarum Rite. I don’t remember the context, but Fr. Jim of Dappled Things points to a helpful (albeit somewhat contentious) discussion thread of the Rite here.