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Toomey loses One dentist in Lower Paxton calls himself a conservative and a pro-lifer, but Bush’s relentless campaigning made the dentist think Bush needed Specter if he was going to win the November election. This reasoning is faulty, but local […]

Has been building for days The latest round of violence erupted Sunday after several members of the region’s small, largely Christian, separatist movement rallied in the city center. Muslims, who view such public displays as a provocation, assaulted the demonstrators, […]

Is the subject of the email. The content is typical: The central tenet of “The Da Vinci Code” is correct: religion was invented by men for the purpose of controlling other men. It is the most hypocritical of all man’s […]

Olmstead tells priests to withdraw their names from a statement Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted privately has ordered nine Catholic priests to withdraw their support from an interfaith statement supporting gay rights. Two of the nine priests who signed the Phoenix […]

Here. The problem for Mr. Kerry is that he won’t even go that far. He is pro-abortion, for any reason and at any time. He has not said how he would work to make abortion “rare,” except that, like others […]

Great review of the book. I’m stunned.

Fr. Rob weighs in on the abortion/death penalty/war equation with a lengthy, informative post.

The consequences of large-scale sex-selection abortion in Asia? Greater chances for war? The reasons for the persistence of offspring sex selection, and the exact numbers of pregnancies involved, have been hotly debated since the early 1990s, when the economist Amartya […]

Mark Windsor has a discussion of an interesting article over at his blog When does life begin? It’s a pretty fundamental question with huge implications. Obviously I am on the side that says life begins at conception. The secular left […]

Okay. Saw the NYTimes article. Don’t send it to me!!! Mentions the publisher, the products, but not the title or the esteemed author. Oh well. And a nice mention in the New Critereon blog.