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Neumayr on Kerry

Had the bishops restricted themselves to teaching the Catholic faith, there wouldn’t be this confusion for the Democrats to manipulate. Instead for decades many of the bishops have been acting like Democratic Party lobbyists, hovering over prudential political issues on which Catholics can disagree even as they failed to articulate and enforce teachings on vital matters where Catholics may not disagree. …

The irony of the bishops’ not lifting a finger to govern Kerry within their own sphere of influence is that as president Kerry would govern them. Democrats are never afraid to cross the line between Church and state themselves in order to enforce liberalism everywhere. It is not hard to imagine President Kerry signing legislation mandating that Catholic hospitals which receive state monies hand out condoms (this is already state law in California) and permit abortion and euthanasia.

It would be an appropriate finale to decades of calamitous Catholic leadership if the most anti-Catholic presidency in American history is occupied by a Catholic.

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