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From Disputations (scroll down) The problem: How do we get men to stop thinking of church as something for women? My suggestion: Preach the Gospel. I mean, you can dress Christianity up as manly man’s work like saving the womenfolk […]

Says no. The cardinal spoke amid a debate in the United States over whether Democrat John Kerry should be denied communion, which Catholics believe is the body of Christ, because he supports abortion rights. At a news conference presenting a […]

Agrees with her! Oh, I guess not. While it is understandable that John F. Kerry makes some church leaders uncomfortable, the source of that discomfort is political, not theological [“For Catholic Politicians, a Hard Line,” Outlook, April 11]. The bishops […]

Go get it. At Get Religion, posts on the Randall Terry-and-his-gay-son contretemps, and a little bit about Ave Maria U.

That accompanied the release of the liturgy document: Today at a press conference in the Holy See Press Office, Cardinal Francis Arinze and Archbishop Domenico Sorrentino, respectively prefect and secretary of the congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of […]

[11.] The Mystery of the Eucharist “is too great for anyone to permit himself to treat it according to his own whim, so that its sacredness and its universal ordering would be obscured”.[27] On the contrary, anyone who acts thus […]

On certain matters to be observed or to be avoided regarding the Most Holy Eucharist [59.] The reprobated practice by which Priests, Deacons or the faithful here and there alter or vary at will the texts of the Sacred Liturgy […]

Fr. Rob continues the discussion below at his own blog Very good stuff. But by removing the protection of unborn life to an undefined Democratic utopian future, one might as well say “come the Parousia, then we’ll do something about […]