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She gave him his birthday present. It’s a little farm set with Play-Dough to enhance the experience. He’s never had Play Dough before. Now he does. I pay my bills. I pick him up on time. What did I do? […]

…is when your three-year old can hold up a copy of your latest book and declare “Vinci Code!” I swear, I don’t know how he made the connection. They’re always listening….be careful what you say!

Been reflecting a bit more on catechetical issues, both in regard to the postings below and the interviews I’ve been doing about De-Coding. The bottom line really is the paradigm out of which you’re working. The assumptions you live by. […]

If you want even more information about debunking The Da Vinci Code, and, even better, want specific answers to your questions, here’s your chance: A “Two-Week Faith Blaster Mini-Course” I’m offering through HMSU. The format will allow you to get […]

The Revealer has a collection of links related to the appointment of John Negroponte to ambassadorship of Iraq Fact is, the bastards have been pretty quiet about Negroponte’s new gig. Not to mention the peculiarity of appointing as our man […]

Paper highlights pro-abortion Hispanic politicos who raise the spectre of bias (Because they see Chaput’s statement being in part directed at a Hispanic candidate for the Senate.) State Rep. Mike Garcia, a pro-choice Democrat who attends St. Therese Church in […]

It’s now online for all to see.