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Explains his view. The conservative approach to reducing the number of abortions is a “supply-side” approach. The idea here is to criminalize abortion providers, thus resulting in a reduction in the number of abortions. Unfortunately, eliminating abortion providers is much […]

Of course, there are a lot of blogs I like. But today I like Nicole’s. Like the name, like the honesty.

Bookstore still open, and here’s the stock. First off, I have NO Saints books, and I don’t want to re-order. I do however, have Heroes, who are also mostly saints. And good ones, too! 8 Loyola Kids’ Book of Heroes […]

A Christianity Today piece on African-American and Hispanic pastors taking the lead against same-sex marriage Bishop Roderick Caesar, 53, thinks he was 17 or 18 when a friend confessed, “I am in the life,” meaning he was homosexual. Caesar sat […]

Two other filmmakers on the film: Kevin Smith: “What controversy? The dude made a movie about Jesus in a country that’s largely Christian—a very traditional movie—and it’s made over $200 million in two weeks. There ain’t no controversy, people. That’s […]

A reader writes: I have emailed some of my fave media (NPR, NYT) to express the wish that they cover the March for Women’s Lives with the same degree of journalistic interest that they use to cover the March for […]

Good thoughts from Diogenes Picture a newly married couple, presented with the Church’s teaching on contraception. “Bishop, you seem not to grasp the hardships involved in following this teaching, the expense of a large family and the emotional cost of […]

Elaborates on his point Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput took aim Tuesday against Catholic politicians who say “freedom of conscience” allows them to support issues contrary to church law, such as abortion. It’s Chaput’s second salvo in as many weeks on […]

Seton Hall says it regrets award In today’s Catholic Advocate, the Newark Archdiocese’s newspaper, Archbishop John J. Myers criticized Seton Hall for hosting the ceremony. Myers wrote that he first learned of the invitations to O’Connor and Barry during Easter […]