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I have to admit, after my weeks of Amazon frustration, this big Barnes and Noble sale did me a world of good. Because, as I mentioned to one correspondent, I wrote this book, (as well as almost every other book […]

From the UK journal Priests and People This is a wonderfully rich way of bringing together incarnation and salvation, focusing on the theme of Christ’s solidarity with and commitment to human beings who have lost their way. But more should […]

Fernando! Junior, that is. Plays for the mighty Fort Wayne Wizards. Opening home game. Joseph lasted eight innings, with help from a pretzel, a hamburger, peanuts and ice cream.

“Mom, can Leah spend the night after the dance?” somehow turned into “Mom, would it be okay if Hannah and Mona spent the night, too? They were standing right there and….” Whatever. Take care of three “you take my kid […]

Up and running More fundamentally, however, it is conventional wisdom in the Holy See that the heart of the American crisis lies in the episcopacy. Many in Rome believe that American bishops failed for more than a decade to take […]

Next week: Al Kresta, again Monday at 11 am Eastern. It’s their fund drive week, and they will be using De-Coding as a premium. HMS Radio on Monday at 2:50 Eastern With Drew Mariani, Thursday at 2:06 pm Eastern.

Who shares this story: Once upon a time I was at a lecture on the historicity of the Gospels by Raymond Brown, S.S. (who is, I hope, no relation to Dan) and at the end he took written questions from […]

Heh. Send it to Bishop D’Arcy. In Dan Brown’s best-selling thriller, “The Da Vinci Code,” the fearless and cerebral Harvard professor Robert Langdon uses his knowledge of ancient religious symbols in a quest for the Holy Grail. His search is […]

Reassuring Patients: The pope’s remarks came during a Vatican (news – web sites) symposium on caring for people who are incapacitated. They are significant but do not carry the weight of an encyclical — the Vatican’s most authoritative level of […]

Impressive numbers. A campaign to ban a controversial abortion procedure turned in 460,034 petition signatures to state elections officials Thursday, nearly 200,000 more than needed to adopt the ban without the approval of Gov. Jennifer Granholm. Although widely acknowledged as […]