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From Cleveland, a “conservative” parish advertises itself as such….displeases many. When Matt Minarik and his wife Sarah first walked into St. Stephen eight years ago, they found, to their delight, unpadded wooden kneelers on which to pray. To their left […]

Katie asks Joseph if he knows where the baby is? Joseph indicates that he does not. Katie pats my abdomen. “Right in there!” Joseph furrows his brow and brings his face up to mine. “Open your mouth!” he demands, ready […]

Don’t be JFK, says a Colorado priest A Roman Catholic priest caused a stir on the House floor Tuesday when he urged lawmakers to let religious faith guide their votes and “be the antithesis of John Kennedy.” While delivering the […]

In some of the comments on Kerry, I’ve read something along the lines of “well, he must just believe in communion as just a symbol of unity or something, rather than as the Real Presence.” Well, when it comes to […]

Terry Mattingly takes a look at some of the coverage The issue for the Catholic bishops is whether these doctrines (and Vatican directives) have any authority in their zip codes. If they are able to make up their minds — […]

The Revealer focuses on the religious motivations behind the resistance in Iraq

Eve. Go read.

Sopranos thread. (If you saw the last episode, you get the title.) I agree with the Slate panel’s assessment of the particular darkness of this episode. But I’ll take it to a level beyond mere “recidivism” to full blown redemption. […]

My husband edited several really interesting books in the OSV spring line. First is Virginia Cyr: God’s Little Hobo. It’s a collection of entries from the journals (written in the form of letters to Mary) of a remarkable young woman […]

I’m scheduled to be on the Kresta in the Afternoon radio program today at 5 eastern, 4 central. You can listen online, if you’ve a mind to, I believe. Talkin’ about that novel of the year we all appreciate so […]