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January 1, 1970 Archives

I hope. It’s the end of blogging until Sunday night. I’ve got book signings all day today (will I be actually signing books or just sitting there forlornly, like so many of us authors do at these events? I dunno. […]

Been there since yesterday, I forgot Very interesting responses to recent objections to the US Sexual Abuse norms made by canonists, how the Vatican and the US government are trying to make nice, and an interview with a young Catholic […]

From my various progeny: 21-year old son: (after a pause) So…when he graduates from high school, I’ll be…40? 12-year old daughter (in tears) It might be mentally retarded because you’re so old! 18-year old son: Okay. Cool. almost 3-year old […]

Sad piece about a former estate-turned-home-for-unmarried-mothers run by a religious order, now up on the auction block She chuckled, remembering parties in the ornate, wood-paneled basement bar and billiards room; proudly patted the antique sewing machines where the sisters once […]