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This was written by Bishop Vasa (Eugene, Oregon) in his “The Heart and Mind of Bishop Vasa” column on March 4, 2004: “As I left Saint Katherine Church in Enterprise the sign on the door caught my eye. It is […]

If you’d like a more detailed look at “De-Coding Da Vinci,” go to here, and you’ll find it.

In Louisville! In a surprise visit, Mel Gibson ate chicken and rice, signed autographs and posed for pictures with residents and staff at the St. Joseph’s Home on Poplar Level Road Wednesday. It was all a big surprise for the […]

There’s a big stew going on in the Diocese of Peoria about the dismissal of a long-time Catholic school teacher and coach. The diocese has been not terrifically specific in its public statements about the reasons, citing things like inadequate […]

From the Tablet, the Orthodox Church fighting for its life in Kosovo The mysterious groups of arsonists who targeted almost every remaining Serbian enclave in Kosovo on 17-18 March seemed almost more determined to attack churches than houses. About 3,000 […]

A Nod and a Shrug ”Something happened over the past decade and, yes, it worries us,” says Bishop Odilo Scherer, secretary general of Brazil’s Catholic Bishops Conference. What happened, according to the Brazilian Census Bureau, was a major decline in […]

Lots of abusive, prank messages left on O’Brien’s hotline Among the voice mails was a vulgarity-laced threat to punch the former leader of the Phoenix Diocese. Another suggested that the best community service O’Brien could perform would be to commit […]

…and the issue where you won’t find any flip-flopping Like Bill Clinton, the womanizer who would waffle on everything except “women’s issues,” Kerry is a reliable vote for NARAL. He marched with militant feminists on the streets of New York […]

According to the Sun-Times The new stance shuts off centuries of theological debate in the church and will require revision in directives on end-of-life care at more than 565 hospitals in the Catholic Health Association. It could lead to conflict […]

Robert Louis Wilken says he does There are a few historical blunders, the most egregious being the pronouncement of one “expert” that Jesus was “illiterate.” There is also some silliness–Mr. Jennings sticking a microphone in the face of tourists in […]