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First, on Karl Rahner

A high-profile March 4-5 international conference at the Lateran University seemed to subtly conclude that Karl Rahner, a German Jesuit who was perhaps the best-known theologian of the 20th century, was an orthodox Catholic.

If you weren’t aware that Rahner’s orthodoxy was in question, you haven’t been following which way the winds are blowing.

He also discusses the recent appointments to the International Theological Commission, (go there for the full list), which includes

Sr. Sara Butler, M.S.B.T., teacher of dogmatic theology at the New York archdiocese’s St. Joseph’s Seminary, Yonkers, New York

Reader Tim wants to remind me that back when I blegged for orthodox Catholic sisters who don’t wear habits, he sent me her name – she had been a professor of his. I did try to reach her, but was unable to. Here’s more about her, quoted in Allen’s column:

“She is an accomplished conservative theologian who recently served on the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission. She is well known for having switched her views on the ordination of women in mid-career, now supporting the Vatican position. Her arguments have been based on credible historical and systematic conversation. More importantly she has remained active in the Catholic Theological Society of America, attending meetings and serving on the board. I have always offered Sara as a model of responsible conservative Catholic scholarship willing to engage in dialogue.”

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