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The play based on the depositions of Cardinal Law, that originated in Chicago, is coming to Massachusetts

The lights go up on Cardinal Bernard Law, his back to the audience, kneeling in prayer. It almost seems as if the cardinal himself is onstage until he turns around and it’s actor Jim Sherman.
What happens during the next two hours in the play “Sin: A Cardinal Deposed,” taken primarily from Law’s depositions in the sexual-abuse cases concerning priests John Geoghan and Paul Shanley, is an emotional roller coaster.

Actors playing lawyers Mitchell Garabedian in the Geoghan case and Roderick MacLeish Jr. in the Shanley case grill the cardinal, and his denials of any culpability elicit frequent gasps from the audience. The readings from depositions and interviews, which detail the stories of victims and the lack of a response from Church officials, leave some people in tears.

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