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Long piece on the impact of motherhood on women from a physical and mental health aspect I don’t react reflexively against pieces like this, because what I do react reflexively against are mythical concepts of motherhood that romanticize it and […]

From Fr. Rob, but the news isn’t good. Please go read.

In Slate, Will Saletan says that abortion-rights advocates need to face reality Each time pro-lifers have tried in recent years to treat the embryo or fetus as a person in one context or another, pro-choicers have responded by treating the […]

Believe me, I will have something more interesting to post later, but I just finished fulfilling some bookstore orders (after a two month drought, they’re taking off again). So I’m thinking about it. 1) I will be selling Da Vinci, […]

Man, I hate having my picture taken. Hopefully the book cover will be front and center and I will merely lurk in the shadows. So, that’s done. Article will appear Friday in our News-Sentinel. I’ll link. And in another Sentinel, […]

Bishop O’Brien sets up help line — A helpline linking you with retired Catholic Bishop Thomas O’Brien is up and running. The public can call and ask O’Brien to visit someone who is seriously ill or dying. Callers hear a […]

Not much happening here. I’m working on This Thing I’m working on, and then there’s That Other Thing I’m working on. The first thing I’m well into the groove of, (is that a good phrase? Nah) and my worries of […]

From Nat Hentoff in the Washington Times, Reclaiming Pro-lifers Quiet as it’s kept, the diminishing Democratic majority in Congress for the past quarter of a century equals the rate at which pro-life Democrats have been abandoning the party. This was […]

Here’s what’s coming up regarding media and me and De-Coding: 1) There will be an article in tomorrow’s Orlando Sentinel about The Da Vinci Code, written by their books editor Nancy Pate, which will include stuff about my book. 2) […]

Reader David points me to Matthew Yglesias’ blog where they’re discussing Catholicism and politics, with references to discussions on a couple of other blogs. Go over and chat about that “increasingly homogeneous” Church of Uganda, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Colombia, […]