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They’re talking about what Mel Gibson should do with his profits from the Passion

Started by Jonah Goldberg, who gives his last word, after much give-and-take:

Again, as I said, I take Gibson at his word that he didn’t go into this for the money. He went into this as an artist, a believer, a messenger. And the message of that movie is significant, isn’t it? Or has all of the praise on NRO and the condemnation elsewhere been for show? Ramesh and others even argued, rightly, in response to Gertrude Himmelfarb’s op-ed that the message is so special it is sui generis. Well, I think if Gibson made the movie as a true believer and artist, then the profit he makes from it should have some connection to the message as well.

It would be best if commented not just on Goldberg’s comment, but when through this am’s Corner postings on the matter as well.

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