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Canonical questions about the norms And Eastern European martyrs…

Greg Popcak helpfully comments on the situation of a couple who seemed to be doing everything right possibly getting divorced. In my capacity as a Catholic marriage counselor who has done over 10,000 hours of exclusively Catholic counseling since 1999 […]

Committing oneself to focusing on Jesus during the liturgy isn’t selling out. It’s a good thing. Experiencing a deeper communion with the Lord during a liturgy marked by “bad” music and inadequate homilies and a host of other faults isn’t […]

The Cause Moves Forward Roman church officials have renewed formal contact with the nonprofit Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Foundation and its local co-founder, Gregg Ladd of Highland. In a Jan. 23 letter, Roman Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins, prefect of the […]

The Life of Brian, back in theaters The makers of “Life of Brian” have just decided to re-release the film in the theaters next month. They’re betting that at least some of the 45 million or so of us who […]

Here’s what’s coming up regarding media and me and De-Coding: 1) There will be an article in next Tuesday’s Orlando Sentinel about The Da Vinci Code, written by their books editor Nancy Pate, which will include stuff about my book. […]

Fred Barnes reports Freedom of religion is guaranteed in the interim Iraqi constitution signed three weeks ago. But it also gives considerable autonomy to regional districts that might frown on visible expressions of Christianity. And if Pastor Jule follows through […]