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I mean, the rule to stand during communion is dumb and slightly comical (they instituted it here in my archdiocese with the caveat that your could sit after the first song if you liked. Result: half the community is sitting […]

First, Donoghue in Atlanta, in a letter to his clergy last week: (no link available) “At the celebration of the Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday, the rite of the Washing of the Feet is optional. Where […]

You probably already know, but I am just emerging after engaging in the most idiotic, frustrating research this morning and afternoon. Which bore no fruit, anyway. But here’s today Bishops in the USA: Appointed Bishop Joseph Anthony Galante, coadjutor of […]

The play based on the depositions of Cardinal Law, that originated in Chicago, is coming to Massachusetts The lights go up on Cardinal Bernard Law, his back to the audience, kneeling in prayer. It almost seems as if the cardinal […]

Somehow, this escaped my radar… You may remember that South Dakota was all ready to pass legislation banning abortion, and the governor was ready to sign it. Turns out the bill was defeated, and many are wondering what’s going on […]