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Who gets the deed to the Polish church? Archbishop Raymond Burke sent a clear message this weekend to an independent Polish church in St. Louis: Follow church law or cease to exist as a Catholic church. Many parishioners of St. […]

The following comments refer to issues related to implemenation of the GIRM, particularly re/post-Communion posture, which has been contentious for a year now, and the subject of much confusion.

From Conor Dugan!

In the NYReview of Books, Garry Wills opines on TPOTC and the Jason Berry/Gerald Renner book The part on the film was business as usual, but the longer section, focusing on the Legionaries, is more interesting – for those of […]

I have some things to do today, plus a babysitter-free Monday. I will blog this evening – lots, probably, since Michael is out of town tonight and tomorrow. In the meantime, I leave you an open thread, with perhaps a […]